My favorite day in the whole year is here again! 😀

Hey, that was quick! Wasn’t I turning 38 like just several months ago?

News flash: I am becoming an old lady sooner than… expected!? 😦

I for one don’t understand what the Schumann resonances and the New Theory of Time is all about (so out-of-touch with the times already, huh?), but days do seem shorter and shorter and time flies like a magic Concorde, oh là là!

Well, I have this “tradition” of posting on my blog every March 17th. So, a self-interview is in order.

Me: Dearest soon-to-become an old(er) lady, how does it reeally feel?
I: Ask me tomorrow, sweetie, OK? I am usually in a very good mood on my birthday!
Me: Well, according to your Schumann resonances and stuff, tomorrow is already here, so, spit it out, ma belle!
I: The truth, naked and ugly?
Me: 😀
I: When have you become so nasty, anyway?
Me: Right after becoming, you know, old(er)!?
I: It is…
Me: Yes??
I: It’s definitely not…
Me: Yeees?
I: Hey, I have recently found out what it means to be a “nyctalope”!
Me: Aaand… you get it once becoming old..er?
I: You really are…
Me: …trying to teach an old dog a new trick?
I: That’s it, no chocolate for you today!
Me: You are aware you are getting a split personality, besides… getting old (er)…, aren’t you, my lovely?!
I: …
Me: So, my brave?
I: Ok, ma vieille, tu l’as voulu! Let’s see: losing (many) dark hairs and getting them back white, getting dark circles under your eyes and keeping them there, being asleep and the others worrying that you’re dead… oops, this is for your 59th b-day, ma chérie, 20 years from now, but, according to Schumann…
Me: … Should I book a flight to Florida?…
I: … your son/daughter could have been in their 20’s…
Me: One-way ticket?

Yes, unfortunately and officially, I am not exactly young anymore. Ouch!! It really stings. It does. Many people go crazy over it. Most of us have a haaaaard time accepting it, if ever.

My b-day wish: I want to stay cool about it!! You know, the people I love and adore are also old(er). (Plus I am secretely convinced I will look a very dignified old lady.)

Why should I want to stay young when this is not in our “job-description”? Besides, I have less and less things in common with the young(er) 😛 generation.

I am truly curious to see what old age and I will be like together. And the young me will never disappear on the inside, it will just put on a temporary disguise.


– the icing in my cake- from my angle, old age is limited edition, available only once, here and now. When His time comes, eternal youth will be the rule, so, I am just enjoying this one-time opportunity in the meantime.

Me: But don’t forget the wrinkles and the fluffy skin, ma petite
I: Check! (:S)
Me: Wait!!!
I: ?
Me: How about plantatul unui copac, facutul unui copil si scrisul unei carti?
I: Hm, let’s see: copacul, that’s easy, cartea, coming soon, 😀 dar, crede-ma, fifille, nu vrei sa faci un copil la batranete – decat daca dai peste Avraam… 😉 Fingers crossed, OK?
Me: Si instinctul matern?
I: Nu tinem deocamdata.
Me: Deocamdata?? How about the biological clock and..
I: Abraham knows.


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