Second to God

I love you and only you, always have, always will. I almost hate you for this, my “indoors” man.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t need you so totally, I wish I would go for a you-replacement,… but I can’t. Only the thought of it kills my joy and gives me bad dreams at night (like running away from my wedding because the groom is not my “indoors” man). 😀

My life is less impossible without you at all than with a replacement of you by my side; I am geared this way. People say that you are a dream, that I should kill you… 😉 (and maybe sometimes I would), but I am not the one who invented “indoors” people.<3

I know not your face, but do know and Big Like your "indoors" – it is where I would need to live when married.

People wonder where you are and whether you are at all. I don't, not anymore, so just take your time, I am in perfect company now, have been so ever since you, my one and only, became second to God.


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