As a teenager, I used to say I wished I had been born on a tropical island, so in love with the fair sun and the blue sea and so mesmerized by the aromatic smell that announces the watery infinity before it even makes its enchanting appearance. 

   Yet, recently, one-month stay in the Tropics opened my eyes to the unbearable, unexpectedly aching, deep longing for my beautiful wild Romania, with its perfectly balanced (exceptions allowed! 😉 ) temperate-continental, four-seasoned climate, with its majestic crown of picturesque mountains, hiding mineral treasures of various kinds, its buxom bosom of beautiful hills, winding crispy-green valleys, rich gardens and abundant grain fields, clad in golden hues, silvery roaring rivers and, could I ever forget, the mysterious sea, with its dark name and lovely sandy shores, trimming the blue salty span. 

    Total absence of venomous reptiles and insects is, of course, a plus. No ferocious wild beasts to be found either, ominously lurking in the gloomy woods of other places, Romanian forests being so safely handsome, unforgettable sanctuaries of unique beauty, spacious and impressive, rendered ever more stunning by the colorful passing of seasons. Some wolves and brown bears, to be sure, but never attacking out of the blue. Could it possibly be the reason why they came up with the vampiresque concoction, the distorted image of the cruelly just prince Vlad Dracul? Never mind…

   Were I to live in a small house, with large windows in the white-washed walls, forever facing the sea, sweetly intoxicated by the soft iodine tinge of the pure air, and lulled to peaceful sleep by the gentle music of a tideless sea, what a dream would that be…

   My love for the sea was bequeathed to me, precious time-enduring heritage, by my parents, who lovingly filled my childhood with happy memories of long summers, spent in a tent, almost à la belle étoile, close enough to hear the restless waves at night, fierce imaginary huge horses, riding in a mighty cavalcade against the pitch-black sky, slowly receding by rosy dawn to sweet transparent ripples, tickling our toes while wonderfully producing shells that would make us, children, feel ecstatic and sooo rich.

   Yes, I am forever in love with my land and sea and I wish… I wish they had been born under a less… tropical geopolitical sky…


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